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20’ tall Inflatable Santa Clause for City Hall

20' Inflatable Santa Claus setup during christmas

Christmas is a great season to decorate and spread holiday cheer and we love to be a huge part of it (literally!). Our internally lit Santa Claus inflatable is 20′ tall and as you can see it is visible at night. Every passerby will be able to appreciate it wether it is during the day or at night and it can even be installed for multiple days at a time. These giant inflatables can withstand just about any kind of * weather and you can install it without having to be concerned about the snow or rain around you. All of the inflatable we offer are made with the strongest materials for long outdoor longevity without having it fade or rip and all of these inflatables are accompanied by the best warranties in the industry. We are an American company who produces everything in-house and it is all American made, whereas other “manufactures” provide you with drop-ship products at a cheap price, but the quality you get is just as cheap. Compare a regular party balloon to a NASA weather ballon and you’ll see a big difference and we are kinda the same, because American made is always better.

*Ask a sales team member for more information.

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