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Custom Inflatables

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Imagine Anything We can make almost anything you can think of

Fastest quote and rendering process 2-4 hours after speaking with a sales rep

American made Everything is made in America, esnuring a speedy delivery and American ingenuity

Custom Inflatable Shapes
People are fascinated by large things, whether they’re buildings, bridges, or in this case custom inflatable shapes! Large blow up shapes always get attention, because they’re so incredibly unique. If you’re looking for a commercial grade promotional advertising product that is going to stand out, then we’re the company for you. Here are Promotional Design Group®, we offer heavy duty commercial grade promotional products as well as offer you excellent and professional customer service. We’ve been creating custom inflatable shapes for over 25 years, so we’ll take care of you.
Imagine Anything The possibilities are endless
We can make almost any custom inflatable that you can imagine! Here at PDG®, we relish the opportunity to create something new and unique. We welcome challenges because they allow us to grow as a company. In the past quarter of a century, we’ve created some stunning custom inflatable shapes that have been in commercials, magazine ads, and even films. If you have an idea, present it to us and we’ll work with you until we come up with a design that’s really going to rock. If it can be done, we’ll make it!
American Made Manufactured in the U.S. means you'll get it fast!
All of our custom inflatable shapes are fully created in-house at our facility in Los Angeles, California. Since we do not outsource anything, we can get a custom inflatable shape done in 3-4 weeks. We first start by creating a visual mock-up. Once approved, we create a clay model. As soon as we have that, we create a latex mask and then draw out the patterns directly on that. We then digitize those patterns and add the artwork to them. Then we send those patterns with the graphics to the printing department. After that they get coated, then cut, and finally sewn. It’s quite the lengthy process, but the end result will make you smile.
Mock-up Clay model Actual product
Simple and Efficient Getting a quote couldn't be easier.
alternate text Getting a quote from us is super easy. All you need to do is send us an e-mail and one of our experienced customer service representatives will contact you right away. You can also call us and speak with a live professional. Once we see an image of what you’d like us to create, we can give you detailed pricing options as well as get a mock-up started. Our extremely talented designers can create an amazing 3-D visual mock-up for you in less than one day. In most cases, we can get you clear, detailed pricing in less than an hour from your original e-mail inquiry.